Your well-being is found… (where will surprise you!)


Happy Mother’s Day ladies!!

Never give up on discovering your well-being. It is a lot closer than you might realize.

Make your life count – it does!


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Don’t prepare the path for the child…

As the new landscaper looked in disgust at my dead flowers
in the front door pots, I…

smiled sweetly through gritted teeth as I greeted him. In my typical fashion,
I did not have time to replace my almost-dead winter flowers.
I was certain that he did NOT understand ALL that I have to do.
I just can’t keep everything alive!!

Since I just can’t do it al, I pick and choose. And I choose my kids.
“Don’t prepare the path for the child.
Prepare the child for the path.”  

Roots – values and standards to live by,
family traditions and time together, making memories that matter

Wings – letting your children make mistakes and live with consequences,
teaching your children life skills instead of doing it for them (laundry, take their car in for repairs, talk to their coach themselves),
helping them discover and develop their strengths and talents

By giving our children roots, we give them confidence, love and someone they know they can rely on.

By giving our children wings, we enable them to solve their own problems, be willing to try something new, and learn how to live life on their own.

By the way, my summer plants are alive. So far. Just give me a couple more months.

Happy Summer!!

 The #TILTtip in June is

Roots & Wings

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It is hard to stand aside when our children are #failing, but…

It is hard to stand aside when our children are #failing, but maybe that is the most important time to.

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“TILT – 7 Solutions to Be A Guilt-Free Working Mom” 

The #TILTtip in June is “Roots”

“There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children:
one is roots, the other is wings.”
Hodding Carter

Tilt_Graphic - June Roots
 The #TILTtip in June is


With all the choices we have to make in our parenting, the roots we choose to create for them will shape their lives. Roots are your values that you instill in them and the traditions that make memories for a lifetime.

A couple thoughts to consider –

1. What values are important to you?
2. What simple thing could you do this month to encourage your child to respect and grow with that value?
3. What could you do to model that value in your life? They watch us sometimes more than they listen to us!!

Remember that “Your actions speak so loud, I cannot hear what you are saying.” 

Model the behavior you want them to develop. Grow their roots, and you both grow your wings.

Here’s to our roots,

Each month in 2015, I will share with you one challenge to focus on to help yourself grow.  This is your year.