Your well-being is found… (where will surprise you!)


Happy Mother’s Day ladies!!

Never give up on discovering your well-being. It is a lot closer than you might realize.

Make your life count – it does!


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Thrive, by Arianna Huffington on Amazon



“What remains ours alone to choose…”

“…what remains ours alone to choose…is how we will spend our life.”

Making me think… “The Power of a Whisper” By Bill Hybels

This is a very thought-provoking book, I highly encourage you to read.


No guilt, just TILT!


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Ever have one of those days?!

Ever had one of those days??

It is that time of year with the kids out of school and the life juggling goes to another level. Sometimes it feels like donkeys are all around,
or they are at least trying to eat us.


Allow yourself to “tread water” some and don’t pressure yourself for perfection,

take a deep breathe and focus instead on what makes this “season” in your life special,

watch funny youtube videos for a brain break (check out Studio C),

and (take action) go have an ice cream with someone little around you
who loves you so much.
Sooner than you realize, you will be chasing them down instead of the reverse.

Many wishes for a sweet summer season
making memories with those you love, 


(P.S. The Pudgy photo above is from our next Ellie book coming out this fall –
“Ellie’s Fun Day at the Farm.”
We had to rescue Pudgy before she became lunch!)

Don’t prepare the path for the child…

As the new landscaper looked in disgust at my dead flowers
in the front door pots, I…

smiled sweetly through gritted teeth as I greeted him. In my typical fashion,
I did not have time to replace my almost-dead winter flowers.
I was certain that he did NOT understand ALL that I have to do.
I just can’t keep everything alive!!

Since I just can’t do it al, I pick and choose. And I choose my kids.
“Don’t prepare the path for the child.
Prepare the child for the path.”  

Roots – values and standards to live by,
family traditions and time together, making memories that matter

Wings – letting your children make mistakes and live with consequences,
teaching your children life skills instead of doing it for them (laundry, take their car in for repairs, talk to their coach themselves),
helping them discover and develop their strengths and talents

By giving our children roots, we give them confidence, love and someone they know they can rely on.

By giving our children wings, we enable them to solve their own problems, be willing to try something new, and learn how to live life on their own.

By the way, my summer plants are alive. So far. Just give me a couple more months.

Happy Summer!!

 The #TILTtip in June is

Roots & Wings

Real-life time management tips from a working mom of 4!

#Workingmoms need real-life time management tips?

From a working mom of 4 – check some out starting on page 40 in award winning #TILT!

Page 40 - Time Management Tips

For more help for working moms, TILT is Available on Amazon!


There are women who have gone before us…

There are women who have gone before us…
(Chapter 7 Infographic Below)

We don’t have to figure out our motherhood and life all by ourselves. Sometimes we think that we do. But there are so many women who have gone before us, and they are happy to help us along our journeys.

“I would have given more focus daily to being my best spiritual, physical, and emotional self. Being my best within, would enable me to be my best for my children.”

Brenda Conley, Mother of four, Grandmother of two
Read, or re-read, some of the wonderful wisdom from these women in TILT, starting on page 217.

Let others help you along the way.
Warm regards,

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Mom-Hazing to Mom-Amazing?

Mom-Hazing to Mom-Amazing? How?! #parentingtips #workingmoms #TILT

From Mom Hazing

Read page 221+

“TILT – 7 Solutions to Be A Guilt-Free Working Mom”