Our 5th Mom’s Choice Award! Ellie’s Fun Day at the Farm!

We were so excited that our fifth book in our children’s series, Ellie’s Fun Day at the Farm, earned a Mom’s Choice Gold Award!

My thirteen year old daughter and I have had such fun creating these books together. ūüôā #adventuresaremeanttobeshared! #elliesfriends

Farm with Mom's Choice Badge


Create memories that last with your children. You will treasure them for the rest of your life!




Amazon Best Seller with my daughter – “Ellie Makes A New Friend”!

My eleven year old daughter, Elle and I, have written an adventure book series The Amazing Adventures of Ellie The Elephant. The series is about the adventures of her¬†favorite stuffed animals, Ellie the Elephant and Pudgy the Penguin. “The Amazing Adventures of Ellie The Elephant – Ellie Makes a New Friend” is the first book in the series.

Elle¬†shared about working on this together – “Writing this book with my mom showed me that you are never too young to do something special.” ¬†We are grateful that it is still on the¬†Amazon Best Seller lists!

If your child wants to make new friends, she will love “Ellie Makes A New Friend”!

Ellie-1-3D smaller

Available On Amazon

After my struggles as a working mom of 4…

After my struggles as a working mom of 4, why I wrote this book to help other #workingmoms #TILT on page vii!

Why You and I Need to Read This Book


“TILT – 7 Solutions to Be A Guilt-Free Working Mom”


Mother’s Day…Laughing and Crying

To all the mothers out there for Mother’s Day –

Marci Poem IMG_1597

Everyday should be Mother’s Day. We never stop caring, driving, helping,¬†swinging,¬†washing, learning, shopping,¬†swimming, or hugging (and more).¬†

My hope is that on this special day just for you, Mother’s Day, instead of sighing or crying,¬†you¬†will be laughing and smiling.

Not¬†because your life is “perfect”,
but because you remember that you are perfectly loved.

May you keep it in your heart!

Be Inspired, and Inspiring,

January #TILTtip – #Dreams

What will we do with this gift of another year? 

Each month in 2015, I will share with you one challenge to focus on to help yourself grow.  This is your year. 

The #TILTtip in January is to Dream.

Tilt_Graphic - Jan Dreams
It is a new year. We each have a fresh start on our calendar.
What we choose to put on it will become our year, our experiences and our memories.

This month I want to encourage you to focus on one Dream that is important to you. Make one step towards it this month. Put on your calendar to make that call, send that email, request that information that you need. Make one step forward…to accomplish a dream this year that you have wanted to do.
Don’t let another year go by.

Here’s to your dreams,

Your know your children are growing up when…

7-14 Your children are growing up when

Clarifying your core values for your life and motherhood

Working_Motherhood 5-14


Clarifying your core values for your life and motherhood can completely change how you view everything that we juggle. Enjoy my podcast interview by Portia Jackson on her awesome Working Motherhood show!!