Your well-being is found… (where will surprise you!)


Happy Mother’s Day ladies!!

Never give up on discovering your well-being. It is a lot closer than you might realize.

Make your life count – it does!


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Thrive, by Arianna Huffington on Amazon



Our 5th Mom’s Choice Award! Ellie’s Fun Day at the Farm!

We were so excited that our fifth book in our children’s series, Ellie’s Fun Day at the Farm, earned a Mom’s Choice Gold Award!

My thirteen year old daughter and I have had such fun creating these books together. 🙂 #adventuresaremeanttobeshared! #elliesfriends

Farm with Mom's Choice Badge


Create memories that last with your children. You will treasure them for the rest of your life!



“What remains ours alone to choose…”

“…what remains ours alone to choose…is how we will spend our life.”

Making me think… “The Power of a Whisper” By Bill Hybels

This is a very thought-provoking book, I highly encourage you to read.


No guilt, just TILT!


#TILTtip Book Club

#TILTtip Book Club – The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die


We all struggle with so many different directions we can focus. How do we know what  to focus on? John Izzo’s book helps us self discover what could matter most.

John interviewed 200+ people over age 60. “To live wisely we must recognize that there are two fundamental truths about a human life.
#1 The first is that we have a limited and undefined amount of time –
it may be 100 years, it may be 30.
#2 The second is that in that limited and undefined amount of time we have an almost unlimited number of choices of how to use our time – and those choices ultimately define our lives.”

Read his book to get a better understanding of how to have
more happiness, and love, in your life. 



Marci Fair