Too much “hectic” in your holidays?!

“Courtney, you did not have to buy me a ring.” Me
“I wanted to Mom. Plus, it only cost $2.25.” Courtney, Age 9Image

Oh the sweetness and thoughtfulness of our children (haha)!  Whether it is gift giving at this time of year, or their notes or their hugs, enjoy them for what they are worth. 

Take some hectic out of your holidays!! It is easy to feel frantic and hassled as the year comes to a close. Find one thing that you can simplify! Here are some ideas:

– Enjoy your holiday meal the on a different day, so you can free up your holiday instead of being in the kitchen.

– Ask your relatives to lighten up on gift giving and instead put a special family gathering on next year’s calendar.

– Consider completing most of your shopping online and avoid the stores.

– Schedule a kid-date to cuddle and watch Frosty The Snowman together.

Whatever you can do to simplify and put the fun and joy back in your holiday – do that!  

Merriest of Christmas and Happiest of Holiday wishes to you and your family!

Warm Regards,

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