A love to be very thankful for…

“Mom, I love you to the end of the universe and back.
That is very far, because there is no end to the universe!”

Elle, Age 5

As working mothers, we juggle, and we juggle, and we juggle some more. Love goes a long way to help us through the challenging times, and our children are an amazing source of that love for us.  

I try to be very thoughtful and respectful of my relationships with my children with that in mind. I look for the moments to hug, to kiss, to listen and to let them know how much they mean to me. It does not have to be expensive or complicated, it just needs to be consistent.  

What I put into these very special relationships comes back to me in ways I never imagined and in a love that will last a lifetime, let alone to the end of the universe. 

Look for your chances to give to the loves of your life, and enjoy the rewards of your giving.

Enjoy this month of giving thanks!
Warm Regards,

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