Should I be worried or embarrassed if…

“I do this ALL BY MYSELF!  Now you help me.” (Courtney, Age 8)

Should I be worried or embarrassed if my children wear their clothes backwards? Actually, it is not “if,” it really is “when.”

Sometimes it is so much easier to help our kids, than it is to wait for them to learn or watch them walk around for three months with their clothes on backwards. Yes, one of my daughters did that at age 4. Finally, three months later, she asked for help.

I chose to tell the strangers looking at us oddly “Isn’t she SO cute??”  I was not sure at the time if it was the right thing to do – to let her rebel like this. However, my inclination was to let this battle go. It really was not one that mattered.

What I later realized (thankfully) was that giving her that little space to be “so cute” in backwards clothes, was the beginning of  her learning that I would give her room to be herself as she grew up.

Today I regularly have adults tell me what a fine, respectful young woman she is. How clear she is on who she is and how mature her choices are.

And now, with just a little help 

my daughter does take care of her life,

almost all by herself. 

Sometimes the battles we do not fight mean the most. 

Have a wonderful day!

Warm Regards,
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